Do you know airlines that offer an Internet service so you can surf while flying in an airplane? How much does this cost? Do you know anything about the speed and performance? I tried to find more information on [snipped] website but found nothing to answer my question.

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It have to depend on what country are you from and where are you flying to? Some airplanes do have internet service but are only limited to a few countries.

I was once on a flight that did offer the online service in the air for a fee. I think it was American Airlines. It may have been AirTran..its was an ATL outbound flight.

I know that Virgin America has wifi on every flight, and I was on a Alaskan Airlines flight that had it, it cost 7 USD for the whole flight. JetBlue is also going to be adding wifi to its planes in 2012, but I do not know how much it is going to cost or the speeds that people are going to get on the planes.

maybe other airline company but here in the phils. i think internet access in plane don't have..

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