I am having trouble with my home network. I have a laptop and desktop computer connected by network cables to a D-Link router which in turn is connected to a cable modem. I have had no trouble with them until recently. I am now unable to connect the laptop to the desktop computer. Using the laptop I can still connect ok to the internet, but I am totally unable to find the desktop computer. On the other hand using the desktop, I can connect ok to the internet and to the laptop, no problem. It is just the one way that is the trouble. I have ran the Network Setup Wizard many times but no help. When I click on My Network Places using the laptop there is nothing there in the window which opens. Using Windows Explorer, I click on My Network Places, this brings up Entire Network which in turn brings up Microsoft Windows Network. When I click on this a new window opens and tells me 'Unable to browse the network, The network is not present or not started'. As I said earlier, using the desktop computer I have no trouble in finding the laptop.


try \\computername when trying to connect to the computer you can't see in the network..

can you ping the other computer?
do an ipconfig... does it start with 169.254?
do you have static addresses?