I'm at the end of my goddamn tether here. I installed Windows last week, and not long after installing it my network started giving me an error about my Windows Managment Instrumenation being corrupted, which crippled the network preventing me from getting online and preventing my client computer from connecting to me (although my client computer usually can't connect to me anyway...goddamn ICS...). So, I re-installed the %$%*& thing, and again, I got that error. So, I installed it for the third time (in 2 days!), and everything seemed to be fine, until now. That %&*$ error again!

I'm not interested in "fixing" this problem, I want to know WHY the hell it happens in the first place, because it's driving me to suicide! The error message suggests using system restore - I don't use system restore, so that's not an option. Microsoft says I should do a repair install of Windows, which is out of the question also, because I've installed it a billion friggin times and although it does fix it, it just corrupts again eventually. What the hell is causing this? How do I STOP it rather than fix it?

Here's my specs:

Windows XP Pro SP1
Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC (Network Card)
BT Voyager 100 ADSL Modem
Norton Internet Security/Anti-Virus 2005
One client computer connecing to me, using Windows XP Home
The Windows Firewall is off on both computers, but it's a rare occasion that we can actually share eachother's files.

I'm using ICS, and I read in another thread that a router would bypass all of this trouble. Is that true, and if so, which one should I buy? I browsed the net and they all look the same to me lol...I don't know much about this sort of thing. Also, if a router would bypass all of the heartache of using the standard ICS, would it also prevent this WMI error from occuring? I'm willing to sell my one of my livers to pay for it, as long as it means I don't have to put up with this crap.

All I want is a goddamn system that WORKS! Is that so much to ask?!?!? *weeps*

Thanks for your time.

P.S. With regards to the router, I should point out that the only two things I need are (1.) The ability to share files with my client computer, and (2.) the ability to share my internet connection with my client computer. That's it :)

I have to wonder - when reinstalling Windows, do you install the original version with no service packs slipstreamed in? After installation, do you connect to the internet before applying any updates, service packs or firewalls? An original, freshly installed copy of Windows XP connected to the internet is extremely vulnerable to all kinds of viruses, worms, hacks and malicious users. Make sure you're protected before establishing any kind of connection to the outside world!

In regards to your WMI corruptions issues, it appears there are some fixes you can try without having to reinstall Windows. Try the below links for guides:

Alternatively, flick through this Google search.

Thanks for replying :)

I always install Windows XP Pro with SP1 slipstreamed into it, and thanks to previous bad experiences I install a firewall and anti-virus as soon as the Windows installation is complete hehehe.

I wish I had been more patient and waited for a reply, because I ended up just installing Windows again for a fifth time in one week haha. But the link you gave me seems to be right on the money. I've bookmarked it for future reference haha.

Thanks again ;)