help please. I have set up a home network between my desk top on XP professional and a laptop on XP home. I can share the printer and use the internet on both. When trying to share the desktop's files I can see them on the laptop but can not open them. It tells me that I do not have permission, should contact the administrator to the desktop and 'access denied'. I have tried giving full access to these files but to no avail. Am I missing something? Is there another security setting? I am running norton on both pcs but disabling this seemed to make no difference. All help appreciated Thank you

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the home edition machiine cant handle password or user level security you do know that... thats why you should have gotten pro


Have you tried "sharing" each file individually?

I found that just sharing th main directory will not help.

You can put all the files on a different folder and share that folder, always works for me.

if you make your user account "private" it screws up filesharing

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