Hello, this is my first post here. During the past few days, I have noticed my internet disconnecting during the morning hours but it seems to do just fine when I use it at night. I figured it was a problem with comcast, so I ignored it. Today, I opened a port for utorrent. Everything was OK but then the "network cable unplugged" icon would come up every 10 minutes or so, and from what I know everything in my house disconnects, it's not just my computer. My router is a Linksys BEFSR41 version 4. I've tried EVERYYTHING to get it back to normal. I've gone through many settings on the router and I've tried restarting the router and making sure the ethernet cords are in tight. As I just wrote this, the icon has popped up 4 times. I've never had this problem and it's so frusterating. Could opening that port cause something to mess up like this?

sounds more like a hardware problem - the router/hub getting disconnected all the time because of corroded or shaky contacts or because of a bad power supply that makes it shutdown and restart all the time

it was, i replaced the ethernet cable with another one and it works fine now. that's the first time i've ever had to do that. thanks for the reply.

i have similar issues whereby the NIC in my laptop is slightly loose from the motherboard. works fine with a bit of wiggling but if the router decides to give me a new IP by DHCP (usually at 24:00) then it needs rewiggling