We were given a hand me down computer that's running Windows 98SE. The modem is set on com 3. We have since learned the the previous owner uses a private networking system and he is somewhat of a computer geek. The problem is, we do not know if he has this computer set up on his private network. Is there anyway we can find out? What files to look for a what settings to look for. What scans to do or detection software to use. Please help! Thank you.:sad:

UPDATE! We were told by AOL that VPN Virtual Private Networking does not work with AOL. {Still wondering though if he can be linked to our computer when we are not on AOL.} Come on geeks! Give up the info. Is VPN such a new frontier that no one knows the answer to the above question? ANYONE? If you don't know the answer can you take a guess on how we might figure this out? Where might I look up info on this. I know the name of his VPN WORK GROUP. So, how would I look this info up? Thank you.

I am going to say that no he is not spying. And VPN is not a very new frontier.

VPN is configured under control panel. I dont have windows 98 but i think its under Dial Up Networking and stuff. Also check out the settings for remote administration under users.

This is why you get disks/recovery partition and REINSTALL if you buy a 2nd hand PC.

If I knew how to do this I would. Thank you all for your help. I finally just came out and asked him if this computer was set up on his VPN. He said that he had it set up for VPN. I also asked him about a file that I found with his name.PWL. I also found a file in the VPN with his home phone number listed. He explained that the VPN wouldn't work unless he had this computer at his house hooked into his cable. He also said that the PWL file with his name was his password file. He said that I could delete this and it wouldn't mess anything up in my computer. What is weird is, since we have gotten this computer from him we have replaced the Mother board, we also replaced the hard drive. Which he installed for us. So, how would his info get into our computer if we replaced the hard drive. I don't know much about computers but this seems strange to me that his info would be on our new hard drive. We have added more memory, got a new keyboard, a new mouse and new monitor. Also have replaced both fans. The only thing that is original to this computer is the case and the CD player. So why is his info on our computer? And do the computers have to be in the same house to work on the VPN. Please educate me. Did I mention that he is my father-in-law? I haven't deleted the info yet. I am waiting to hear from anyone that may have the answers to the above question. Thank you in advance. Lil