Hi. This is my first visit here, and I hope i will find my solution.

I am connecting my laptop to a linksys wireless-G router for a year now. (Same laptop - same router). The router also sends signal via cable to a desktop. I am using a Buffalo air station to convert the wireless signal at another part of the house so I can connect a dreambox via cable. All these have been working fine for a year. my wireless was set to free access.

a week ago i used my laptop to connect wireless at a friends house. when I got back home I logged onto the router page and enabled the network access key closing access on my network. This brought the need for my Buffalo Bridge to be rincofigured so that it received signal from the router (now with a key). As i could not be bothered to solve this problem, and my dreambox is much more important than some neighbour stealing my signal, i removed the access key, and went back to open access on my router.

Then the problem begun. While the desktop is fine, the dreambox is fine, the laptop keeps loosing the wireless connection. Every couple of minutes the wireless connection drops.

Now the weird part. When the laptop is connected, my wireless network list, shows my router as "Not Connected", while I am connected:!:. And then after a few minutes, i loose the connection.

I am so confused, I just hope someone out there has any idea that can help me.


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don't know if it applies to you, but reading back a few months on the Toshiba support forums revealed that a driver upgrade for the laptop WLAN drivers (from Intel) should fix the disconnect problems.
Also use the Intel PROSet software instead of the Toshiba or Windows stuff to make the connection.

Did the upgrade and am currently testing to see what happens. It looks more stable already, all WLAN icons in the taskbar show connection and it's been up for longer than before without problems.

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