Probably a regular question but one I havent been able to work out. We are trying to connect two computers running XP using the network connection wizard. The main computer is Celeron 2.6 with 512 ram and running XP home and linked to the net via dial-up. The other computer is a Pentium 4 compaq running XP profressional. We linked them using a 3 metre catagory 6 cross over network cable. We then ran the netwrok setup wizard and followed all instructions. This didnt work so we have done it a few times and still no sucess.

Both computers show the connection under network connections with different IP addresses. The slave can see the IP address of both however the main one only shows its IP adress. We have disconnected the firewall. When the slave is shut down the main computer indicates it has lost the connection as the cable being disconnected

"My network places" do not show the other computer nor does the windows explorer tree.

Any ideas??

the Cable Disconnected message when the device at the other end of the cable is switched off is perfectly normal.

What are the IP addresses of each workstation? are you able to "ping" each machine from the other in the command prompt console window?

Do you have NetBIOS enabled on each workstation in the advanced TCP/IP properties for the Local Connections? (Might be disabled by default, if so, enable it)

Do you have the File & Print Sharing service installed? (Should be installed & available by default)