I have a pc upgraded to windows xp pro from millinium and a laptop with windows 2000 pro. I want to transfer pictures from the pc to the laptop. Can I connect them using a usb cable or must I use a serial connection? How is this done? :rolleyes:

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I've never heard of using a USB cable before. I know on the macs, you can use FireWire to do a direct mac2mac connection. I take it you don't have macs though ;)

I think your best bet is to buy a crossover network cable to form a 2-PC network (they would plug into the nic port on your machines, which almost all newer PCs come equipped with). If you need more help, check out our Networking forum :)

I used to use a program called laplink and it had a special cable that would work on the serial port or the parallel port

I seem to remember there was an option for direct connect in the setup on earlier windows versions.

If you plan on doing this more than once I would put a network interface card into them and use a crossover network cable.

Your laptop probably has a nic already...

Standard USB cables do not have the same plug on both ends so you would be looking at a special cable even if there is a way to do it USB.

If this is a one time thing, or you will be using different pc's to dump your laptop pics...

Consider a USB pen drive... I just saw a 512 meg at Frys for about $40...

Hope that helps...

laplink is an excelent program. I'm not sure if its still being made, but you can probably find it somewhere. There is another program floating around on the web which will allow you to connect a USB cable from one PC to the next, and transfer files. Google it, and Im sure you can come up with something

it is possible to connect two pcs or a pc and a laptop using Bridged or USB networking cable. A Cd is provided with the cable, install the program on the both and then connect the cable. Don't use the normal usb cable, then you might as well burn your motherboard.

Use disks.

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