I know this has been brought up a lot of times.
But I'd like to get some opinion from you guys over this hosting plan.
I have no experience in this and I'd like to know whether the amount of bandwidth provided is sufficient or not.

Please use daniweb as a model and advise me which is the best plan to cater traffics in daniweb.

Plan 1: 800MB of space; 8GB of bandwidth; $7.65 monthly.
Plan 2: 1000MB of space; 10GB of bandwidth; $9.65 monthly.
Plan 3: 2000MB of space; 20GB of bandwidth; $16.65 monthly.
Plan 4: 3000MB of space; 30GB of bandwidth; $26.65 monthly.
Plan 5: 4000MB of space; 40GB of bandwidth; $36.65 monthly.

I'd like to know for a website such as daniweb, which plan with its relative bandwidth is sufficient? I am not sure as I don't have experience in this.
This will be my first time getting a web host.

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DaniWeb currently uses only about 250 MB of hdd space to store the forum database. However, for the amount of traffic we receive (about 600,000 unique sessions each month), we require nearly 80 GB of bandwidth monthly.

It really all depends on what your site is about (ie downloads everywhere, or text only), and the popularity of the site (a personal site with a few hundred visitors a month vs a highly popular forum with thousands of visitors a month).

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