i have a dial up internet connection. i want to use the dial up connection wireless, so that i can surf net from my notebook sitting in my study room.
i have a notebook with windows xp home installed.

i have read some threads in this forum on making dial up wireless. but i m not a networking guy, all those configuring ip address, and submasking, appears bit confusing.

as i have understood, i need 2 buy a wireless router.

kindly guide me how to use router to connect to the internet wireless from my notebook, using my dial up connection.

also kindly suggest some cheap but effective routers for this purpose.

Do you have DSL available in your area? It will be much much easier and a million times faster, and in most places you can pick up DSL for less than $15 a month (probably cheaper than dial up). I think you would be much more satisfied with your results if you do that.