Right, I'm new here and I don't know a lot about networking and stuff ... so I thought I'd ask here for help.

Basically, the problem is that when I connect another computer to the router, the internet disconnects for BOTH computers. However, it is fine when I connect only ONE computer to the router.

This is how I have set it up:

Telephone plug ----> Router ----> Computer

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Could you please give all of us a lil more info and we may be able to find you some help

Thanks alot


I just need like what kind of computers your are conecting to them and what kind of router you are using so i can look up the info on the router,


Well, there are two laptops. One's a Toshiba Satellite 1100 and the other is an Acer (Not sure what model). Both have ports to connect the router with, using an ethernet cable.

The router is a Netgear DG834G v3.

Thanks in advance.


When you connect both computer to the router is the light on the from of the router still blinking saying that it had internet activity going to it?
And i also see this is a wireless modem, Have you tried to connect Via wireless to see if you run into the same issu?

I remember i had road runner and i got a router and i tryed to use it and it blocked me out and i had to get my ISP to activate it for some reason (Made no sense to me)


On my router there is a light which is labelled "Internet". When I am able to go online etc, it is stable and green. However, when I connect the other laptop, after a few seconds it turns off and flashes orange.

I haven't tried using wireless, because I can't seem to configure my browser to use it. I can connect to it wirelessly but it says "problem loading page, server not found." I use Mozilla Firefox, v2.0.

I don't think I need my ISP to activate my router, because I'm currently using it now to connect to the internet, and I was able to connect the two laptops to the internet simultaneously the other day.


Ok well then it has to be the router, have you tried resting the Router, also for you not being able to connect via wireless seems weird. I would say you should try to rester the router and try again, The software that it came with make sure it is installed correctly. If this dosent work that router could be messd up.
Let me know

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