About two years ago, I bought a new computer, and with it, bought a desktop wireless card and router. I set up a wireless network then and it worked perfectly. However, after some time, my second computer (the one with the wireless card) was experiencing problems, and it was kind of ignored for a while. Recently I have repaired the computer, and everything is intact. The wireless card has been re-installed on it. However, in the time that it took to repair that computer, I replaced my other computer (the one with the router) as well. Now, my network does not want to work. I have run through the tutorial on both the wireless card and the router, and both should work.

The router I bought: D-Link DI-614+
The card I bought: D-Link DWL-520+

Now after my own intensive search, I think I have nailed the problem. When I open the start menu, then go to 'My Network Places,' my LAN is connecting not with the router I just spent so long connecting, but with something called 'VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter.' I guess then, my real question is this: How do I make it connect with the router instead of this ethernet adapter?

Thanks in advance,

'VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter is your onboard NIC. If you dont see the D-Link adapter in there, then makesure you have downloaded the latest drivers from D-Link and have them installed.

If it is installed, make sure you are using the same "SSID" that the router is using. You probally want to disable all security settings from the router, to see if you can connect. Then if you can, enable it again, but makesure you configure your desktop wireless adapter to those settings.

Thanks for the reply, I really am desperate here. But I'm not the most technologically savant guy in the world, so your message didn't mean a whole lot to me. I dont know what an SSID is, nor how to change it. And that frequency stuff is way over my head. Any way you could dumb it down for someone like me? :o