Hi All,

Here is my situation. I currently work for a computer reseller. They want to me to setup their Windows 2003 Enterprise Server to have the workstations on a IP range of 192.168.1.x for their workstations. We have a Symantec 200R Firewall / VPN Router at (Gateway). These systems are going to belong to a domain also.

My issue is this.

When we get a computer in for repairs we would like to have them on a different IP ie 192.168.0.x as to not introduce possible viruses into the system. Also we would want the customers PC’s to grab dynamic IP numbers. What do I need, and how is the best way to do it??

I am at your mercy.



If you know what you're doing, it's perfectly acceptable to have two DHCP servers on a network. I do. (I have my Freesco linux router 192.168.10.x and my WiFi router/switch combo. 192.168.2.x. The WiFi router has a port that gets an IP assigned by the Freesco router, and then assigns IPs to computers connected to it that use the freesco router port as a gateway. Sounds complicated, but it's not.)

Great, i will setup DHCP on the SYmantec Router and one on the Netgear Wireless Router too.


You'll fall in love with DHCP, I'm sure. I don't know what I'd do if I was still using only static IPs. My laptop goes here and there without a problem connecting to the WiFi, my LAN, the College's LAN... :0)