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iPhones across the pond


I have an iPhone on my desk. Don't get excited, though - you'll have read a number of accounts of difficulties getting hold of them in the UK, and they're right. I have one on my desk because mobile phone company 02's media relations department kindly sent it over so I could have a look at it before mine arrived as there seems to be some sort of delay.

They've taken the money from my bank account, I should add, which makes it just a little annoying that I don't have the phone itself as such. They've then been asking new customers for extra ID over the phone. My wife, who shares my address and surname, has been an 02 customer for over ten years but apparently that's not ID enough. They want the number of my drivers' license.

Forgive me for being paranoid but with all the concerns over ID theft here in the UK and no doubt in the US I'm reluctant to hand over a detail like that to just anybody who wants it. Particularly when they already have my money. Elsewhere I've heard people are standing in line for their iPhones then turning away as a succession of stores announces there are no 16 gig models left.

On Monday I'll post my thoughts on the phone itself. I'd do it now but I'd like to write it in the context of the MobileMe environment Apple's been pushing and that's kind of not working just yet.

Maybe this isn't their finest hour.

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