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Pope Benedict XVI gives Internet his blessing


Now there is a headline that is right up there with 'Vatican endorses new Dan Brown novel' in terms of something you would not expect ever to be reading, but according to reports it is true. The Pope is apparently keen to emulate President Obama in the way he has embraced the Internet to spread his message.

The Times says that the Vatican is "seeking ways to embrace full online “interactivity” with all one billion members of the global Roman Catholic Church" and the new accept and embrace strategy has been outlined by the head of the Holy See press office, Father Frederico Lombardi.

Lombardi confirmed that the Church could not ignore communications developments or separate itself from them and that as well as presenting "very grave risks" the Internet also had great potential for good.

You can already catch up with The Pope on YouTube, although the Vatican has yet to confirm or deny that he will be joining other old folk on Twitter any time soon.

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Internet is good but it needs to have limitations for the users.It was designed to make a great help in terms of technology and should not be used in unnecessary things.

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