My laptop gets as far as the login page but just stops there and I do t know what to do, I've tried restarting it several times does anyone know how to fix it?

Have you tried safe mode? Before Windows loads hit F8 to get the boot menu. Try a system restore to the last known good point in time.

check ur bios setup

If it loads up until your login screen then your boot menu and bios should be set up fine. I'm thinking your windows instalation might be corupted in some way that it doesn't let you login.
Have you tried booting it up in safe mode? Try doing that and see if you can restore your windows to a previous state before having these problems.

It comes up with a windows error recovery with the option to run a repair or not but it doesn't matter watch you choose it's still the same result

Its definitely the operating system problem. Your operating system is corrupted maybe because of virus or improper shutdown.

Reinstall your operating system and it should start working fine.


surely then it is o/s problem kindly reinstall new o/s on ur system

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