Hi my acer aspire 5253 has window 7 and since several days ,startup repair cannot fix the problems and windows is not starting.Recently i downloaded some files and i think that is why its having this problem!I want to erase the files but icant as it is not starting.Can you please help me?Best regards ,Milazar

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Can it start in safe mode? Or, when you power it on, what message does it display for u?

To start it in safe mode, turn it on; and then press f8. This brings you options. You will have to select SAFE MODE.

Once it starts, you will be prompted to decide whether to continue in safe mode or restore.
Choose restore, and then roll back the computer to the date when it was working perfectly

Hi,thank you very much.Helped me a lot.Working properly now

You are very much welkam ...

Once it begins, you will be persuaded to select whether to proceed in secure method or recover.
Choose recover, and then move back the pc to the time frame when it was operating completely . . . . .

Do you have security update 2823324 installed? It can cause Win 7 to fail to boot, and Microsoft recommends uninstalling it. I got bitten by it - by the time I heard about the problem, I'd already restarted my Win 7 laptop several times since the update installed, thought it wasn't a problem for me. Anyway, System Restore was supposed to be able to fix it if it did cause trouble, so I didn't uninstall it. Big mistake - I was hit by it days later, restore failed, and after much hassle I wound up reinstalling Win 7.

Microsoft's page about this problem: Click Here

you will be prompted to decide whether to continue in safe mode or restore.
Choose restore

Hey guys I did hit f8 and hit restore but still won't work. Anyone got ideas? It goes to black screen and left it on for hours.

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