I was wondering how I might get data from a personal application form (name, address, phone, etc..) sent to me in an email into excel without having to retype or cut and paste. I am open to any idea, I have upcoming membership drive/update and would love to automate it even 50% would be helpful.

Thank you

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What is this data stored in? A database?

Right now we are using Excel as our DB. Everyone has/knows how to use that program

get data from a personal application form

This is in Excel too?

To clarify, does the source (email) have the data in it as text or is there a workbook being sent in the email?

the member application is emailed to canidaus, they cut and paste the particular items that include, name, email,cell phone, home phone, address..etc about 10 differnt items. I am not married to this idea, we are just stuck at the moment trying to figure out the best why for people to access the questions and then to automated putting that information in th eExcel spread sheet

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