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I have a baylan Biometrics Finger Print Reader working at my work place for attendance, it imports data to spreadsheet and then let me edit and sort the attendance sheet, i want its automatic backup, is there any way to take its back-up automatically, whether through batch file or anything else.... using schdule task...

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I assume you are using Windows of some sort? Linux has a tool called rsync which can periodically make backup copies of new or changed files, even across the network.

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I'm using windows xp and 7 for this purpose.

If what you are trying to backup is a simple flat file, then yes creating a scheduled task is a pretty easy solution. You could create a batch file, vbs script, etc.. Within a batch file, you could use copy, xcopy, robocopy, etc...

Which part do you need help with?


the attendace baylan device is on a reception computer with xp windows right now, when i goto take backup and after modifying and sorting it out, take print out during this, i click on baylan own software icon on desktop and then it runs the program of itself, then i download the new records and export it to spreadsheet and then modify it, i want to autorun the procedure of opening baylan software and downloading new records from device and exporting it to spreadsheet, and then also want to automate the spreadsheet work through macro feature of office 2010. is it possible?

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