I just upgraded my tv and I am wondering if anyone has any ideas of when the PS4 is coming out, or whether I should just go ahead and buy a PS3 or Xbox 360.

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Most likely next year in 2012. Depends on how good Sony is doing in the gaming market. If not, they might release the PS4 earlier to try to grab its customers back.

have any images of the ps4 been released yet ?

Check Google, the images has been circulating for a while but I'm not sure whether they are real.

Would it be worth it to get a ps3 an upgrade it with an ssd?

it might release in the next year i think you can wait up to that use ps3

you rather get a ps3 then when ps4 comes out you sell ps3 and buy ps4

Ps4 won't be coming soon. Ps3 still going stable with it's gaming currently until Xbox and Nintendo would create another console...

Ok, thanks for all the info everyone.

it will not be too soon,ps3 is still enjoying its stay in the market..

Well look, you asked if you should buy the ps3, so obviously it still has attracted customers; plus nothing really rivals it... Be nice if it could be known more for action games like xbox though.

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