Pavilion froze up then I turned it off, then back on. After that I could no longer connect to the internet. I know my internet connection is fine because all of my wireless products are working fine. I was told by an HP tech that it was probably my operating system was corrupt. Can anyone tell me if this issue is self repair capable or do I need to let someone with more pc savvy look at it?? (also, tell me if I should be posting in a different forum) Thanks!!!

The error reads ......Connection status unknown nThe Dependency Service or Group failed to start

Vista is a very unreliable operating system at the best of times, I very much doubt an automated repair will work on it, besides, a computer doesn't freeze up without a good reason.

The first thing you need to do is test the hard drive to see if is in good shape or not. Hdtune which can be found with google will tell you if your hard drive is ok or not.

If it passes a full test without any bad sectors then I can advise you on what to do next. If it comes up with bad sectors then replacing it is your one and only option. If you have to replace it then you will need your Vista install disk to install it as a new hard drive will be blank.