Hello guys, I have a t-rb22 logitech trackball and at the moment it's not working properly. I have thinkered with it a bit, I think I know what the problem is and I need to replace a small switch inside (pictures attached).
This switch - well I call it switch - has a little pin at the back not visible in the picture that gets pushed in everytime a button is clicked on the trackball (it's the main left mouse click). I am not really techincal when it comes to these things and I have absolutely no idea where to buy it. It's a 426c IC (as you can see) and there is also a white cover that says 002069-0000 cav4. WOuld anybody know where and if I could buy this part anywhere or where I could get more info? Oh logitech don't sell this trackball anymore so no point asking them.

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You should be able to find the appropriate switch at an electronics component supply house. Then you will need to unsolder the old switch and solder in the new one. If you aren't an experienced solderer, or the device is wave-soldered directly to the circuit board, then you need someone with a lot of experience. I couldn't do it well, but my grandson does that sort of stuff all the time. Experience is the key here.

thanks, that's not actually the switch, mapli doesn't seem to have it but I have found it elsewhere. I will check how that's been soldered and take it from there

I have this same problem. Did you find the right switch and if so, where?

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