everything was perfectly normal tuesday morning. i was gone for four hours, and when i came back, NOTHING was normal.
comcast said that the modem was old and not working, so, i went down and got a new one. since then, i have spent a couple of hours with comcast over six or seven calls, with NO results.

my yahoo email works perfectly fine, but nothing else does. when i can get google to come up, when i click on a site, the little arrow in the tab is going counter clockwise for a couple of minutes, then pops up with a stupid, "page not found", "connection was reset" or ignorant variations on them. obviously, you tube can ALWAYS be found. when i am in a site, such as this, it takes up to two minutes to change a page. it took a lot less time back when i had dial up.

the little icon on the bottom of the monitor says that i'm on network 5, local and internet. windows says that it can't find a connection problem.
comcast easy solve pops up saying that i've lost the connection. when i go into the control panel, the internet connections says that broadband is disconnected. when i try to connect, it ends up saying that it can't.
i'm obviously getting on the internet, but once there, it totally sucks.

i've done the antivirus and malwarebytes. i did a system restore, which is another problem. i had a dozen restore points, and restored it back to june 1st. now, i was going to try another system restore, and i only have three points, yesterday.

i am just about ready for a straitjacket. can anyone at least hazard a guess as to what is going on?
i have vista home premium.

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Does the intenet work from another device? ie, a phone through wifi, or another computer? That'll narrow dorn the search for the problem.

This is not a modem problem. It is a DNS problem. Take your modem back and get a refund. Verify that the TCP/IP settings are pointing at the Comcast DNS servers, and not your router (a common problem for this sort of issue). In most home/small office systems, your router is your DNS server, and it forwards request to resolve internet names (hosts) to IP addresses to your ISP systems. Sometimes they get their memory full, so you can try to fix that by shutting down the router/modem and restarting it/them. That has worked for me. The better alternative is to configure your TCP/IP settings to use the actual DNS server addresses of your ISP (Comcast). That's what I do, and it is a LOT faster (usually) in getting you to the sites you are interested in.

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