What is the optimal arrangement to learn programming languages?

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What do you mean by arrangement? Are you asking about hardware specifications? If it is specs, then any working computer with a modern OS will do really. Faster CPU and more memory are nice but not essential for learning to program.

There are a gazillion computer programming languages, some of which are main-stream and some of which are niche languages, and others are just plain old languages (Fortran, APL, PL/M, etc). I have professionally used dozens. These days, my main programming languages are shell scripts (bash, python, perl), web languages (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, etc), C/C++, and Java. Most of my work uses JavaScript and bash. In my last position before this, it was C, C++, Java, and PHP with some JavaScript and HTML/CSS thrown in for good measure. Not to mention the usual database languages (SQL, PL/SQL, Transact-SQL, etc).

So, all that cruft aside, what do you want to do? That will help to determine which languages you should start with. And I do want to emphasize that a good foundation in formal/boolean logic will go a long way in a software development career, no matter the language of choice.

Thank you . I meant in any programming language for the Web
To start
And now I know what I want first html, css
Then javascript and php

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