I'm experiencing a problem which i believe a few people have come across and after trawling the net for hours i still havent found a solution....

I am running a wireless home network using a brand new NetGear 108mbps wireless modem/router and 4 port ethernet switch. This is located in my living room behind the TV. Directly connected to it with an ethernet cable is Xbox number 1. This works fine and connects to Xbox live without a fuss.

Upstairs i have a PC with a 108mbps usb 2.0 adapter. This is working fine and i can access the router and have good internet connection.
This PC has a spare ethernet connection which is also working fine. I am trying to connect my xbox through this ethernet connection to find the wireless network and gain access to the internet through the modem/router downstairs.

I have manually set up the IP addresses of the ethernet card in the PC and the Xbox itself and i know from the Xbox's diagnosing program that it is finding the PC correctly.
However it won't connect to Xbox live and reports this fault:

"No DNS Server addresses were received from the DHCP or PPPoE server. Enter the DNS Server(s) provided by your ISP in the Network Settings menu."

I've checked the routing table and it is set-up correctly for the xbox to find the usb 2.0 wireless adpater as a gateway to the router and the internet connection.

I know that it is possible to use windows internet connection sharing to share a usb modem broadband connection on a pc with an ethernet card hooked up to an xbox.

Is there a way to share the internet connection my PC is recieving through the wireless adapter?
Xbox support told me it was impossible because turning on internet connection sharing sets the usb adapter connection to the same ip address as the router uses (

Any ideas? even my IT manager at works had a look at it and is baffled. He thinks Xbox needs to find DNS server addresses from the first IP address it hits or it won't keep going?

One thing that I found with my XBOX Wireless adapter was that it would only connect to my wireless network when the wireless network's WEP default transmit key is set to #1. I had tried a ton of different configurations, and even though the XBOX Live dashboard indicated that the XBOX had detected and connected to my wireless network, I still couldn't connect to the XBOX Live server.

My wireless network had been set to Default Transmit Key #2, and all devices on the network connected to the network using Key #2's 128-bit 26 hex encryption code. However, my XBOX would not connect using the Key #2 encryption code. But as soon as I changed my wireless network to Default Transmit Key #1 and entered the Key #1 encryption code into the XBOX settings, it connected to the XBOX Live server without any problems.

So if you're not using Key #1 for your wireless network encryption, try changing it. That should hopefully resolve the problem.

P.S. - I just set my DNS settings to AUTO and it worked fine.

Here is a couple possible suggestions.

1) in your bridge... turn on mac cloning. I have been told some people have better luck with the mac cloning turned on... just make sure that the Xbox is the first thing you plug in and turn on since most bridges will only clone the first mac address it comes upon which could be the reason why the 2nd Xbox can't get on.

2)if your ISP gives you and (for example) for DNS hosts... Just put them in even if you are using as gateway. The gateway is fine... just do not set your DNS to Auto on the Xbox. You could also put your DNS hosts in for the adapter... it can not hurt.

Also if you have a firewall set up make sure to allow the mac address of your Xbox. If you still have trouble my bets is due to the fact that only the mac address of the first Xbox is making it out to the net.

yo, am tring to run my xbox through a ethernet cable to mo my p.c. so i can connect to xbox live am having no luck, just wondering if its possible, i know u can on the 360 but am not sure about the origianl, any ideas?????

This site has instructions on how to connect your xbox 360 wirelessly via a latop or modified router to xbox live. More importantly these are cheap options compared to the standard xbox 360 wireless adaptor:)

How to connect to xbox live wirelessly

great and detail guides, thank

Nice detailed guide, thanks....

The site has information about the connection of xbox ,also have clear guides .its ok ,thanks.

Ok, I have a hopefully simple question. I am trying to connect to the Internet through my phone which I have tethered already, and my computer recognizes it and i can use the internet through it. But, my xbox will not recognize my p.c. does anyone have ideas, and i am trying to connect through a ethernet cable.

I have a Linksys wireless router with a couple of laptops connected.I published an Ethernet cable from my xbox to my laptop and it was. I used my wireless connection through my ip my laptop.My vivo does not fit all, and then see how it was an identification problem IP: In Control Panel, I made a bridge simple network, I know that the relationship between mobile Internet and WiFi connection only for laptop. (Click Ctrl + left and right-two when both are selected, then select Bridge Connections) .. Xbox was able to read the IP address of the laptop when I tried to restore.

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