hi guys,
I accidentally formatted my usb flash memory and lost all the files i kept in it.
i have tried some data recovery software but am not getting my files back.
how can i go about it to recover my files?

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You'll be lucky if you had hand on data recovery software like Recuva.

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Don't know about recuva, but product endorsements are generally frowned upon here. I'm giving you your point back anyway.

Usually, formatting wipes the drive completely and makes recovery very difficult, if not impossible. :-( Sorry, but you may be SOL...


Do not know whether it is proper here to share my experiences. Honestly, recently, I did also get the similar Seagate hard drive format data loss troubles and also had tried some free data recovery software online. But, fortunately, I did get some successes with them, like:
Recuva- free and fast to recover my data, but, many retrieved files were not opened well
iCare Data Recovery Free – 100% free and take most of my original music and files back
TestDisk – free and its DOS-like windows is tricky for me
PC Inspector – free and useful
Overall, hope my experiences also help anyone there.

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