Dear All,

I am in the mid of my career, I am Computer Graduate, I have equal experience in Networking, Oracle Developer and Oracle DBA as well, as my previous two experiences have a kind that I had to deal all of these very closely, now I am at the point where I can pursue either of these.
At this point I would like to go for for of Certification that will lead me to either of these.
Now my question is that what should be more sounding then other, I mean should i go for CCNA, or OCP DB Track or OCP forms developer track, as I know I can handle any of these very easily and comfortably but I have to choose one for my further proceedings.

Please need suggestions.

Thanks in Advance

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What do you see yourself working in long term? Do you like Networking or Database better? There are good jobs and opportunity in both.

Who do you know more people in? a good network of people in a field will help you get jobs as well..

My advice? Go for what gets your juices flowing! That can make a career. Anything else is just a job! Find that niche and get good at it. Get so good, that anyone who needs someone who is an expert in that subject will naturally gravitate toward you to help them solve their problems. However, to do that, you need to network with peers, publish, connect with others, join and become active in the appropriate professional organizations, etc. FWIW, certs are pretty low on my list of things to do. The fact that I wrote a chapter for a major graduate-level text book in my field is held in much higher esteem than some vendor-sponsored certificate of i-dotting and t-crossing...

Please as you said i need to have an idea of Oracle development

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