I'm trying to mount an ISO file. I tried a couple of applications to do this (four of them) but nothing works. I'm using Windows 10. I know that Windows 10 comes with the functionality of mounting, but that doesn't work either. What can be the problem?

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Tell more. Why I ask is I had a few folk trying to mount an ISO of a Linux install or boot image and they were flummoxed over how to make that work.

If you just need to get what's at or inside the ISO I've been using 7-Zip from ninite.com.

@Xozz. In your other post the odds change as it appears you may have some bum ISO files. You can bet I've run into folk that had bad files and would blame all the apps for them not mounting or opening.

MagicISO works on my Windows 10 Home laptop.

I tried a couple of programs in Windows 10 and Windows 7 and the result is always the same: "Cannot do this"

commented: This means to me these ISO files may be bum. +15

In the passed they worked.

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