I am going to be putting together another computer and using another SSD. I was wondering what the required setting for and SSD in the bios is? Don't I set it to AHCI? I have SATA burners and also 3 HDDs though. What should I do for that situation?

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SSD's are best run as AHCI. It also depends on which OS you are running and which chipsets they are running on. Modern OS's [vista/7/8] and newer chipsets need to support TRIM or else your SSD will degrade over time. Click Here is a great guide on optimizatons.


I thought AHCI was best but wanted to make sure.
I have another question then. I am going to be reformatting another computer with an SSD drive in it. What is the proper way to do that? I was reading somewhere that you should do something special but can't find it again to read what it has to say.


Some makers claim it is best to do a "secure" erase but I see no real benefit from that. If you are running OCZ [and god help you if you are :(] then you would use their toolbox to do it. But for initial load, just a normal format is fine. But for a "re-format" then a secure erase is recommended.

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