Hi all! I have recently attended to my sister's wedding and helped her record some happy interesting videos with my panasonic camcorder, and she wants me to send those movies to her so that she can keep it in her iPhone. I found files are all ended with .ts. In fact, I don't know much about formats. After searching the Google,I just know that Ts files cannot be supported by iPhone,so should I do a conversion for this? And what should I convert them to? Could anyone give some suggestion? Thanks in advance!

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You can use the open source ffmpeg tool to convert any video stream to just about any other. In this case, if she wants it on her iPhone, then convert it to a .mov format, or mp4.

Thanks for all your suggestion! I will have a try on these recommended tools and convert my records to MP4 or MOV. It is a good community, thanks again!

i am also looking for same issue.

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