Maybe opera and safari cached the session variable. Did you try closing the browser, opening a new one and going straight to two.php? It should then be destroyed. It has happened to me with Konqueror before. If this is the case, then there isn't really anything you can do because there is nothing wrong with the script and the session is destroyed.

Hope This Helps.

I too too think you have an extra , after where. Also i think after where has to have ' around $me like this:
WHERE user_id = '$me'"

Do you mean how do to update an image file path in a database?
if you are using mysql it would be:
UPDATE [table name] SET [field name]='newimage.jpg' where [field name]='oldimage.jpg';
Are you trying to do this within a php script?
I hope this helps.

One way you could do it is by using an html meta tag in perl for example:
[CODE]print "<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='1; URL=nextpage.html'>";[/CODE]

evstevemd is absolutely correct,
here is the basic code for header:
if registration complete

not sure if this will help but you are missing some quotes in your code:
[CODE]mysql_query("UPDATE subscriber_sub_ml_eventsCBbackup SET special='$DBvalues' WHERE sub_id = '644546'");[/CODE]

Thanks for the reply, though it still doesn't work. i think the motherboard is junk, i think i should return it to newegg.

Once again thanx caperjack, i appriciate your help.

I just recently bought a new mobo, cpu, ram, and power supply. I installed them into my old compac box and started it; when i hit the power button the fan turns on, the leds light up and i can hear the drives going, but i get no display on the monitor. I know the monitor works cause i've used it before, any help would be great.

m/b : Biostar TA760G M2+
cpu: AMD anthlon X2 64 bit processor
pwr: 480 w


CGI/Perl By Diane Zak is what I used to learn Perl. It's a pretty good book.