Hi everybody,thinking of doing my project work on device driver for a pen drive.So please anybody can help me out with source code.

Hey there kafil03,

Sorry but that's against the DaniWeb rules. We can only show you the door; it is up to you to step through it. That is, try doing some yourself and if you come across some specific problems, post in the appropriate forum and I'm sure someone will offer some good advice.

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Pick up a language you want to code in (and in which you are comfortable). If you are completely new to this topic, then search for a good tutorial. Search for "Tutorial" + "Device drivers" + "<your language name>" on google. Once you feel that you have learnt enough, start coding yourself. In case of any further problems, post it in the forum of that particular language.

You can try easier device driver like a char reader , for unix source code of such driver is available at sourceforge.net, even for windows, there are some book windows device driver,(I had used it long back , do not remeber the name) where you can get sample device driver code.