hi all
I will try develop a software for my final project using any programming language( but im good at java and vb.net).Im an IT student.
Can any one give me any suggestion on what king of project im going to do.I mean i need some list of topics for projects .
And i have learnt c, c++, visual basic.java ,advanced database programming using Oracle(develop mini project).besides i have learnt vb.net by myself and develop some mini project.
Hoping to hear from you.
Thank you inadvance.

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you could use VB.NET and oracle to do a relational database with a frontend for somewhere like a doctors surgery.

im doing VB6 and MS access for my project this year (of course yours will be much more advanced)


ahh this is already 3rd post with same topic from you abexander.
Final year project, hmm? What is dificult about it? Me in my final year, working on my final project for last 2 months think you are little late about it now.
There are so many things you can do. Do you have part-time job? Do you use there an application you don't like? Make your own one!
Your parents job. What they do? Do they use application which are confusing, hopeless? Build new one for them!
You have friends ask them. Do they need something, database to organise they CD's, DVD's, contacts?
What ever you do, it should not be base only on things you already learned at school, you should add it new dimention, new development techniques, new language


what are you talking about? is it a response that i need .
Im sorry you must be unmatured to say that.But you should think before you join to this forum.i think you don't understand the purpose of the forum.And i know you know nothing.


what are you talking about? is it a response that i need .

You asked for advice for topic on your final year project. I give you topics which refused seems to me. I don't know how the things where you come from are going but here in London university school year start in middle of September and end first or second week in June. 3rd year student (which include me), get they project supervisor in first week of October and throughout the year are having meeting with this person to talk about they project.

Im sorry you must be unmatured to say that.

Dear friend

does age of 29 seems to you unmatured? Not to me.

you should think before you join to this forum

Befor joining forum you should read rules which state "Do not flood the forum by posting the same question more than once (ie in multiple forums)." Link to rules is
You posted in 3 different forums this, JAVA and VB.Net ( one, in JAVA section, got deleted as been find as multiposting)

i think you don't understand the purpose of the forum.

Does it look like that I made 284 post for nothing?

And i know you know nothing.

How did you get that, you don't even know me, you don't know what I do, so please do not judge me
Hope you find some topic Mr.Perfect
Kind regards Peter

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