hi there ,i am in 3rd year in computer science and am confusing about my 4th graduate project i can`t get the great idea am looking for,i almost finishing MCAD,and i read many books about c++ and am also have a background in MAYA (still in progressing)so i want to make a project that include both programming and graphics at the same time i can`t get any clear ideas about it ,so i need help any cool ideas any help i would like to hear it i also want ask if i wann get started in AI how can i get start in it and am i confusing my self by thinking in AI or this is okay, how can i get the programming part in AI coz thats what i wann work in but i don`t know how to start so any ideas for this too ,thx for reading;)

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You 'read many books about c++'? Have you actually written anything in the language?

You could try making a program that scans people's written words and makes fun of them for not being able to put sentences together.


You know what, I have an idea, I recommend C++, becuase you read it all!! Fix the BUGS in it, refine it, if any!!

Good luck, I did not understand what he started with and how did he finish!!!

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