hi guys,
im sorry im new to this site and doesnt no the norms and rules used here...but i need ur help to let me help to decide a project ...........i've expertise in languages like c,c++,v.b (6),html..........and i've to submit my project this year ....so guys pls help me get some ideas of wat to make .............i'll be waitin for ur answer...........



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This question has been asked a million times on this site. Try searching for a change.

Your project starts from deciding a project not just by simply coding it. Deciding a project involves lots of parameters to be taken into consideration such as feasibility, cost, difficulty, application etc and usually takes a lot of research and time to finally choose one. If you ignore this decision process, you will miss out on a huge opportunity to learn.

If you want people here to help you then generate ideas and post here. Dont ask people to do that for you. Using proper English will also help.


This forum is nothing if not a compendium of all the different reasons why college students can no longer think for themselves.

Or even for that matter, ones which can be bothered to say read past threads or read the forums rules.

Has nothing you've learnt in the last couple of years sparked even the tiniest bit of curiosity to explore further. Or are you just another drone going through the motions in the hope that some magic bit of paper will give you the fortune and glory you hope for on a plate?


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Good link :)

Think of a real life problem and how you can code it , like online ticket reservation system ,etc.


for any sets of string prove that s*=(s*)*=s**.

What programming language syntax is it ?


please suggest me which project i do? for bca final year

sorry you should chose your project self.
if you will face any problem in your project then ask here we will help you.

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