Im in need of some help / advice.

Doing a computing science course and just completing my final year project. The project itself is analysing project management and creating a tool along the lines of Basecamp ( online project management and collaboration tool ).

Can anyone help me out with the Analysis and design part of the report ? essentially im looking for ideas / information on what to put in the design section. Some people I know have had alook at the analysis section and they tell me "I haven't made clear what is it im trying to create".

Thanks in advance

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no, we can't.
That too is YOUR responsibillity, not ours.
It's YOUR task to show to your examination committee that you're capable of doing the job, not that you're capable of tricking others into doing your job for you.


In simple terms
Analysis = What you're going to do (to meet the requirements).
Design = How you're going to do it.

Oh, and this is normally done BEFORE the project begins, not as an afterthought after you've "finished".


You can check few IEEE papers to get an idea what goes in what sections in an assignment report

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