Hey geeks. I am trying to develop a web browser like the one on SycloSoft. Many people have told me to use Visual Basic, but I have no idea what that is. Can someone give me a download link or some more information?

if you don't know what Visual Basic is (it is a programming language, distributed by microsoft), you are not ready to make a browser. first you need to learn a language, there are a lot that would work, and when i say learn, i mean thoroughly learn.

there are several languages that would work, visual basic is one of the easiest languages to learn. My first language was Java, which is a harder language to learn. there is also C or C++ (yes, they are different) and there are too many links to post here see some of the stickies in the C or C++ boards. Visual C++ which is microsoft's version of C++ might also be useful, as it has a nice editor.

as a (solo, unemployed, college bound) java programmer i am partial to recommend it, but i really don't know what to recommend for you, as you don't seem to have any coding experience, or at least you didn't point it out if you do, i think beginner stuff would be good, but again it's really up to you.