it is very important to me, please someone help me for the following problem..!!

The method of padded lists tries it improves the binary search method using two tables of equal size: table for data and table for logical flags. At first the table of data contains some empty places between the occupied places. In this empty places are stored accidental prices so the table to be sorted, while the other places of the second flag table take prices false. To search a value, we search in the table of data as known, but at the same time is checked the second flag table is true. When doing delete the flag turns from true to false. Finally, when importing a value if the place is not full then the flag from false turns true, while if the place is full, then we have slippings process. For a best result periodically must do rearrangement of tables, so the empty places will sorted again uniformly between the full places. Draw and analyze algorithm of various operations of padded lists (import, delete, search)…??

This sounds like homework, so until you show some effort, I'm going to give you the obligatory "Go do it yourself, slacker!" answer.