I'm trying create a system flowchart which shows ms access as the database. I'm going to create a patient database and a invenroty database and a few others. I believea system flowchart does not show individual programs but rather the computer devices that make up the system and the basic software programs as a whole. I understand the concept but i'm unsure how to draw the system flowchart. I just want a example the book i'm learning from falls a little short in pictures showing actual flowcharts. Remember just want a example to start me out in the right direction.


These images are regular flowcharts. I think system flowcharts are a little different. That's why I'm having a problem

Unfortunately a flowchart is a flowchart. It can even be made for the process of deciding which TV to buy !
Given all the basic elements remain same I donno what else you're looking for.. ?

Is thereb any diference between flowchatrs and system flowcharts

System Flowchart is Different to PROGRAM FLOWCHART.. System Flowchart is little bit HARDER than program flowchart.. Because System flowchart is a graphic of the procedures involved in coverting data on input media to data in output form.