Hello everybody,

I've been working in my college project which is a simple movie database.

My problem is the following,

1) The user has to input a keyword in a textbox and then select a field (Title, actors, director, rating, release year and category) after that the user has to click the button which runs the macro and opens the Query.

what I have so far in the query is this:

SELECT tblMovies.Title, tblMovies.ReleaseDate, tblMovies.Director, tblMovies.Category, tblMovies.Rating, tblActors.LeadingActorOne, tblActors.LeadingActorTwo, tblActors.LeadingActorThree

FROM tblMovies INNER JOIN tblActors ON tblMovies.MovieID=tblActors.MovieID

WHERE tblMovies.Title Like "*" & (forms!frmSearchMenu!txtKeyword) & "*";

As you can see I'm only searching in the Title part but I have to choose where I want to look with the combo box! :S please help me with this problem :(

Any suggestion will do. Thanks in advance.

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