Hi! I'm a third year BS Computer Science student and we're now on the process of proposing a topic for our thesis next semester. I'm thinking of proposing an Improved Image stitching algorithm, but i don't know where to start.

I only have basic programming knowledge, and I'm not that knowledgeable on Image processing, but I'm willing to learn. I think Photosynth and watching BONES inspired me to choose Image stitching (hehe). Any suggestions?

Unless you know few image stiching algorithms , how are you going to suggest an improved algothirm ?

I just searched some algorithms used for image stitching like SIFT and RANSAC. I plant to use these algorithms together with some image enhancements and image blending algorithms to improve the quality of the stitched images... but I realized it was too complex for me... and I don't have that much time to research on these given my limited free time.

I'll try to browse some threads here for ideas.

Thanks for the comment ithelp! :)