Can someone who knows please explain to me the general idea of Level 0 and Level 1 DFD's?

I dont get it?

and example level 1 dfd

attached is a help sheet i got from college one them.

Pretty much level 1 and 0 are how deep you go, level 1 is detailed 0 not so much. I think.

The level 1 diagram shows the main functional areas of the system under investigation. As with the context diagram, any system under investigation should be represented by only one level 1 diagram.

There is no formula that can be applied in deciding what is, and what is not, a level 1 process. Level 1 processes should describe only the main functional areas of the system, and you should avoid the temptation of including lower level processes on this diagram. As a general rule no business process diagram should contain more than 12 process boxes.

if those help?

Thanks. I asked my computing teacher a bit and he said you dont show the datastores in LV0s apparently

Its for my A2 Computing coursework so ill go along to workshop and ask.

You do computing?

Best to ask a teacher lol, yup I do BTEC National ICT. tis good, we did that sorta for the Systems Analysis and Design unit.

"Serunson" does BTEC too i think

Yar, but I do the one above that hehe, he does the one thats equal to 2 alevels i think. Me get three from mine :)

ah i see, yeah he must do because he does electronics and physics too