Hi there, can anyone help me with this problem?. To improve the speed of operations we wish to replace an open hash table with B1 buckets by another one with B2 buckets. Write a procedure to construct the new hash table

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If by "help" you mean "do it for me", you can kindly piss off. If by "help" you mean "help", we'd be glad to, but your post is lacking in the necessary information to provide said help.


Excellent! But that still leaves us at an impasse as you still haven't provided enough information for anybody to help you. Please describe your "open hash with B1 buckets" and the desired "one with B2 buckets".

I like to think I'm well versed in hashing and hash tables, but I'm having trouble deciphering what you want.

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You are an adorable little bitch.

i m wondering the same thing. Because i have this problem to my Algorithms book with no any other information.


Well, your algorithms book must explain things in the chapter, right? Which book is it? I might have it.


it's a book that my lecture wrote with class notes. So you dont have it. Hm in my book makes an implementation of dictionary using open hashing


I'll conclude by linking you here on the off chance that it'll help you organize your thoughts into something coherent enough to form a smart question. Because as it is you're clearly wasting my time.

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