Can someone help me??
I recently got an assignment to create a VB Application for DVD Rental(Keeping records and Database). I had some documentation to do these were:
Data Flow diagram level 0 and level 1
Decision Tree and Table
Data Dictionary
Ive completed all except for the level 0 DFD can someone help me please??(i tried level 1 and this is what i did)

If you are able to do level 1 then level 0 should not be a problem to you. Level 0 DFD is an overview of the system usually with one process only where all the information flow in out to entities under level 1 must be shown on level 0. (Note that: Databases do not need to be shown in level 0). Level 1 is the expand detail processes of level 0.

Is the level 1 correct?

you cannot connected process with other process directly. process just get information from database and actor will connected one process with other process.
In dfd you have two actor?member and suppliers.. so who will input the data into data strore??

Maybe you must to correted dfd level 0 now. how much actors you have, cause in level 0 we can see all actors.

gosh, it's been over a decade since I've heard those terms...
People still use that in this era where everything is UML?