It's my first post and first topic in this forum ..
actually, I found very useful information here through "search" ( in fact, throught google to be more accurate :D ) .

<< ok thanks, let's get down to work ?

Iam working on Bootable Disk using Assembly, probably, i got the idea of the code, and the actual code(s), so, the assembly code itself doesn't represent any problem for me ..

but forsure, i need to understand those mysterious lines ! and enhance them , improve and add my touch !

in addition to the most important point, understanding " How Boot Works ! "

I've been reading and searching for serveral days already, and got some interesting stuff, but .. I still can't find what iam looking for . . a book, page, tutorial, flash, magazine or even sound clip to explain :
- Diskette Structure
- MBR (Master Boot Record )
- Booting

deeply and in details .. I like the subject and feel like reading more in it .. but it comes nightmare when you don't find anything to read ! or to be learnt ..

anyone would help me, by offering any resources he has, he saw or he read ..

or any information he already know .. and I really will apreciate that ..


you can hav Hardware Bible as a good start for knowing your PC and it Boot Mechanism

kumar.nitesh :
I got the book, I looked at it quickly, and it seems GREAT !

a full chapter about BIOS !

thanks :)