I'm trying to install NTL broadband via the CDROM.

Problem is, I fall short for the minimum RAM requirements (have 32 - require 64) so i cannot get past this onto the registration page.

Can someone please tell me how to bypass the system check so I can complete the install process? I intend to upgrade RAM at a later date.

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erm well, theres no real way :/

...and this applies to Novell... how?

hi guys i am really :mad: because my ntl bb installion cd wont work after closing the program to submit the right information i gt a small box saying closing it wouldnt go away and go onto the ntl program properly the scrren on the program box was blank . i turned off the computer and loaded up the program again. guess what? that pesky small box appeared saying closing... i tried to repeat the process and i did 4 more times but everytime it came up with 'close' please help me than you very much

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