Hi Guys,

After devloping couple of years and months........many projects in .NET framework.....using C# , VB.NET, and ASP.NET.........My personal vote goes to C#. No doubt I love to code in this languages. And I know many of you like so...

So then whether VB.NET Programmer getting downward.....I can't say so,, then I have to downward myself also... :) ...Then what????

Actually VB.NET progrmmer getting much more now getting intelectual than their past in doing VB programming....At least I see maximum work in UK need for VB.NET Guys (And Gals... ;) ).....

I express this as a C# programmer, as a VB.NET programmer and as a ASP.NET programmer point of view.

So you people what your suggestion on this ???

[[ The Little Master

Don't really know, since I'm very new to programming, but of what I have tried (VB, a handful of scripting languages), I like C# myself. Plus, a programmer friend of mine advised that, if I expect to be writing programs professionally five years from now, I should learn C#.

Great to know we both like C#!

Your freinds told you exact tru fact.....and I also advice you to graps the .NET frame work clases....Thats all to shoot every thing.....

Well any guys / Gals....have anu sugesstion in .NET Programming.


I haven't coded in C#, but I know it's catching on pretty fast. I have done some VB.NET and liked the feel of it.