I am In senior year. I want to become something related to computer engineering!

Can anyone please tell me which college course to choose?

I want a course that covers programming,software engineering, hardware engineering etc.

I know it is too much, but i want a course that teaches almost everything about computer

If not, suggest me some courses on programming and Software engineering or computer engineering

I live in USA, so please suggest courses tht are offered in USA.


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i dont know how many courses you are going to take in one semester but if you can take three: go with, programming languages, operating systems, computer hardware architecture. if you are able to take one more course take software engineering. I assume that you already took a programming course, if not, also take c++ programming course.


U got me

I am an Indian

Thanx for help


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I am guessing you are a senior in high school.

Beginning, you will take course such as :

calculus, physics, chemistry, cse101(intro to programming, language depends), and some general education class, maybe history.

The as time goes on, you will get more into the programming areas.

The school should provide you with a curriculum list, that shows which
class you have to take, in order to get a Comp.E degree.


What courses are available and which ones are good depends on which school you're going to. There is a lot of variety in the ways various computer science departments teach.

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