I need help!!! !I am just starting a programming class but teacher hasn't taught anything about writing pseduocode, yet she expects us to be able to do so. Here is what she wants me to do, but the book doesn't elaborate much on this.
Any help will be appreciated even if its just a little bit.

1. Write a pseudocode algorithm that will print out the numbers one through one hundred. You must use a loop (repetition) to do this.

2. Write a pseudocode algorithm that reads in the variables Score1 and Score2 calculates which of the two values entered is the lowest value. Print out the lowest of the two scores entered.

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This is a pretty simple task.
For part one you need to use a for loop.
For part two use an if statement to see which value is larger.


A while loop would work just find and is easier to understand.

Not sure about easier to understand but yes a while loop can be used to accomplish part one. For loops aren't all that complicated. ;)

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